Pole Tent

A tent that features a set of individual poles set up around the tent top in order to support the tent sides. The tent top roof is raised over the one or several center poles and attached to ropes and at specific locations around the tent top edges. The ropes are anchored to the ground using many stakes around the perimeter of the tent. Pole-supported tents are the grandfather of the tent industry, and were once the only type of tent available. These tents are great for all sort surfaces like grass, gravel, dirt, or an area where staking is not an issue due to the fact that the tent has to be staked in specific places and many stakes are necessary.

20-20 seats 40 ppl $ 225.00
20-30 seats 60 ppl $ 300.00
20-40 seats 80 ppl $375.00


40-40 seats 160 ppl $ 750.00
40-60 seats 240 ppl $ 1,060.00
40-80 seats 320 ppl $ 1350.00
40-100 seats 400 ppl $ 1600.00

Frame Tent

A tent with an assembled framework made of aluminum or steel pipes that supports the tent cover and defines the shape of the tent. The rigid framework allows the tent to be free-standing without additional support, but must be secured with either stakes, or some other ballast to keep it stable in the wind. Stakes can be substituted with weights on areas where putting holes into the ground is not possible. Frame Tents are suitable for just about any surface grass, pavement, concrete, or even over existing structures like decks and patios. These are also best for events with multiple tents side by side like festivals and outings because they can be anchored together then to the ground.
9-10 seats 10 ppl best for entryway, ticket booth, or DJ booth $ 175.00
12-12 seats 12-15 ppl $ 200.00
15-15 seats 20-25 ppl $ 250.00
16-16 seats 20-25 ppl $ 250.00
20-20 seats 40 ppl $ 275.00
20-30 seats 60 ppl $ 375.00
20-40 seats 80 ppl $ 475.00
30-30 seats 90 ppl $ 485.00
30-40 seats 120 ppl $ 685.00

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